Akka – 2 day

A 2-day training session on Akka framework

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This training session will be about demonstrating Actor Based Programming using the Akka Toolkit with Java 8+.

Next session dates:

Trainer Profile:
The trainer is a technology veteran with over 30 years of industry experience. He is one of the foremost authorities on “Low Latency High Throughput” problems, and how to architect solutions for these using Functional Programming in Scala, etc. He has conducted many training across the country and the attendee will go away from this session fully knowledgeable on the basic fundamentals of functional programming and how to effectively use the Akka toolkit.

Entry Profile of Attendee:
Participants must have software development experience. Proficiency in basic programming concepts like

  • Basic Java & Scala programming
  • Program structure
  • Data Type
  • Control flow statement
  • Basic OOP concepts

Basic knowledge of functional programming would be helpful, but is not a prerequisite.

Exit Profile of Attendee:
Participants will be able to use Angular 6 in projects

Hardware prerequisite:
Get any laptop with at least 4Gb memory. (*We can also provide a laptop for a small additional fee. Let us know in order details.)

Software prerequisite:
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
IDE: Eclipse or IntelliJ
Software: Java 1.8.x (JDK not JRE), Sbt 0.13.13 or above, Git client
Environment variables: PATH, JAVA_HOME, SCALA_HOME and SBT_HOME

Course Outline:

  • Day 1: Half 1

    • A quick introduction to the main tenets of Functional Programming

    • A tour of new Functional Programming constructs introduced in Java 8

    • Java 8: Functional Interface and Lambda Expressions

    • Java 8: Collections and Streams in Java 8

  • Day 1: Half 2

    • Java 8: New Concurrent APIs

    • Akka: a background (Asynchronous, Concurrent, Parallel – the differences)

    • Setting up the environment

    • Run a ‘Hello, World!’ equivalent of an Actor based application

  • Day 2: Half 1

    • Primary constructs of Actor based applications

    • The concept of ‘tell’ and a MessageBox

    • Ordering of messages and its impact on the design of application

    • Actor Hierarchy and lifecycles

    • Scheduling Actors

  • Day 2: Half 2

    • Overview: Testing Actors (approaches, issues)

    • Overview: Deploying Actors (approaches, issues)

    • Overview: Configuration

    • Overview: Futures

    • Questions and Answers


Terms & Conditions:

  • No refund in case a participant cancels or is a no-show. Seat may be transferred for the same session

  • Full refund if class is cancelled by us due to issues with venue/facility or trainer


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