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Learn all the popular and important Design Patterns in 2 days

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This training session will train you on Design Patterns using C# (you could also use Java/C++/etc).

Next session dates:
Apr 18-19, 2020 (Sat-Sun)   —   Click here to register for this session

Trainer Profile:
Shivprasad Koirala, the trainer, is a leading trainer in India with 20+ years in the IT training business. He is also a leading author of many books and has won many awards including Microsoft MVP.

Entry Profile of Attendee:
Participants must be at least 1 yr experienced developer. And if you are an enthusiastic junior or techie dinosaur, no one will stop you :). All design patterns will be taught using C#, but if you are using Java and C++ or any other language, you’re most welcome. We will help you with most languages.

Some proficiency in basic programming concepts of your choice is a must
• Program structure, Data Type, Control flow statement
• Basic OOP concepts
• Pointers, Dynamic Memory Allocation, Heap/Stack
• Garbage Collection

Exit Profile of Attendee:
Participants will be able to use design patterns learned effectively in their projects

Hardware prerequisite:
Get any laptop with at least 4Gb memory (We can also provide a laptop for a small additional fee. Let us know in the registration form).

Software prerequisite:
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017   OR   VS Code


1 OOP Principles
2 UML (Class, Use Case, Sequence and Activity Diagram)
3 SOLID principles
4 Domain Driven Development
5 Ubiquitous language
6 Entity object and Value object
7 Value objects are immutable
8 DTO vs Entity objects
9 NULL and Aggregate roots
10 Understanding the Customer Project
11 Creating classes and interface for the customer project
12 Implementing Factory pattern with DI and IOC for decoupling
13 Using Singleton and Lazy Loading Pattern for caching the DI framework
14 Implementing Revert and Cancel Memento and Prototype
15 C# Generic inheritance pattern
16 Creating Generic DAL using Repository, UOW and Adapter
17 Applying Template Pattern for ADO.NET repository
18 Creating simple validation framework using Decorator and COR
19 How Builder Pattern can be applied for the validation framework
20 Simplifying user interface code by using Facade
21 Implementing 1 to many by using Composite Pattern
22 Using Mediator Pattern to communicate with 1 to many
23 Implementing encapsulated ‘foreach’ using Iterator Pattern
24 Creating Search using CQRS pattern
25 Understanding GUI Architecture Patterns
26 MVVM with Command Pattern
27 MVC and MVP
28 Interpreter Pattern, Fluent interface and method chaining
29 Abstract Factory Pattern
30 Strategy Pattern
31 Bridge Pattern
32 Flyweight Pattern
33 Proxy Pattern
34 State Pattern
35 Strategy Pattern
36 Observer Pattern
37 Visitor Pattern
38 CQRS Design Pattern


Internet & stationery will be provided at the venue
Tea will be served twice a day during the session
2-wheeler parking in the building. 4-wheeler parking on the street outside building. Please come early to find a good spot.
Facility contact +91 75591 13705

Terms & Conditions:
Payment for the seat must be made before the training begins
No refund in case a participant cancels or is a no-show. Seat may be transferred for the same session
Full refund if class is cancelled by us due to issues with venue/facility or trainer


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