Angular 7 – 2 day

Learn Angular 7 in 2 days with a project

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This training session will train you on essentials of Angular 7 programming. While doing so, you will build a small project.

Next session dates:
May 2020

Trainer Profile:
The trainer is a leading trainer in India with well over 18 years in the IT training business. He is also a leading author of many books and has won many awards including Microsoft MVP.

Entry Profile of Attendee:
Participants must have software development experience proficiency in basic programming concepts like:

  • Basic JavaScript programming
  • Program structure
  • Data Type
  • Control flow statement
  • Basic OOP concepts

Knowledge of TypeScript or previous versions of Angular is not a prerequisite.

Exit Profile of Attendee:
Participants will be able to use Angular 6 in projects

Hardware prerequisite:
Get any laptop with at least 4Gb memory. (*We can also provide a laptop for a small additional fee. Let us know in order details.)

Software prerequisite:
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
IDE: VS Code
Software: Node.jsnpm, Angular

Course Outline:

Day 1

Running your first Angular app

Node and npm
Running first app & Angulr CLI
VS Code editor
CLI project folder structure
The config JSON files
ng serve vs ng build
Component and modules
Expression, decorators and TemplateURL
Declaration and mootStrap in modules
The main.ts file for module startup
Index.html and the selector tag
Webpack – Packaging and deploying
Vendor.js and Runtime.js

Creating a Customer user interface with grid Angular file naming Convention
Creating Customer UI
Creating Customer Model
Consuming model in component
ngModel, one way and two way binding
Understanding and intrepeting errors
package.lock.json and versioning
Creating MasterPage page and navigations Thinking uniform, Thinking master pages
Creating Angular UI and it’s components.
Organizing project folders, modules & components.
Masterpage and selector
Grouping components into modules.
Understanding UI loading in selector
Routing and routing collection
router-outlet and routerLink
RouterModule and loading routes in Angular
Understanding the flow of Angular with routing
Lazy loading and routing Decoupling modules and routes
Understanding LoadChildren concept
importance of “commonmodule” in angular core
Validations for Customer UI Architecture of angular validation framework
Creating simple and composite validation
Attaching validations to UI
Dirty, touch and pristine concept
Display errors and enabling disabling UI


Day 2
HTTP calls in Angular http components and http modules
making get , post , put and delete calls
Creating DTO objects
Importance of rxJS with http
Displaying server data on GRID
Input, Output and Emitters Visualizing input and output
Creating a Grid
Webpack & build customization Input, output, pre-processing and post-processing.
Understanding webpack.config.js
Creating multiple module output
Communication between components Data sharing globally
Integrating Angular with server side Integrating with Node
Integrating with MVC ASP.NET
Integrating with Java server side


Terms & Conditions:

  • No refund in case a participant cancels or is a no-show. Seat may be transferred for the same session

  • Full refund if class is cancelled by us due to issues with venue/facility or trainer


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